THEOSOPHIA was a name of independent theosophical periodical edited by Boris de Zirkoff, compilator of The Collected Writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. THEOSOPHIA was published every three months from May 1944 till June 1981.

Its objective was: “To uphold and promote the Original Principles of the modern Theosophical Movement, and to disseminate the teachings of the Esoteric Philosophy as set forth by H.P. Blavatsky and her Teachers.”



An International Group of Theosophists sponsored the magazine, and none of the organized Theosophical Societies, as such, was responsible for any ideas expressed in the THEOSOPHIA magazine, unless contained in an official document, and the Editor was responsible for unsigned articles only.

Some time ago, the THEOSOPHIA magazine was digitized and put online by a group of independent theosophists. Most of the Volumes were scanned by Jake Jaqua; the missing Volumes XVIII – XXVII were provided by Jerry Hejka Ekins and scanned by Anton Rozman. The permission for the publication was obtained from Mrs. Dara Ecklund, hair of Boris de Zirkoff’s legacy. The publication was realized by Anton Rozman and placed on “Theosophy in Slovenia” website, where it was meticulously proofread by Nicholas Weeks.

With the renovation of “Theosophy in Slovenia” website the THEOSOPHIA magazine, as all other website content, was archived in the Digital Archive of the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY of Slovenia. You can access the THEOSOPHIA magazine HERE.



A unique collection of theosophical texts on the old “Theosophy in Slovenia” website is also the collection of THEOSOPHICAL FABLES, which were scattered throughout theosophical periodicals and collected by Mark Jaqua. You can access it HERE.

Anton Rozman

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