Unfolding Consciousness – Review

Edi Bilimoria / UNFOLDING CONSCIOUSNESS / Shepherd-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd, London, 2022

A little over a year ago, I received from a fellow Theosophist, Edi Bilimoria, for a review of his voluminous work Unfolding Consciousness – Exploring the Living Universe and Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans, which his publisher described as a turning point in the literature relating to the tradition of perennial philosophy. And for a reason. Namely, the extensive trilogy (with the addition of the fourth volume), which counts as many as 1213 pages, brings a comprehensive insight into the universal wisdom world tradition, and confronts it with the narrow beliefs of materialistic science, and connects it with the insights of enlightened science, based on the findings of relativity and quantum physics.



The work represents the author’s life’s work, which he prepared over a period of twenty years. It brings an immense treasure of information and sources that the author accumulated over a period of fifty years. They come from all the traditions of esoteric philosophy, occultism, and religions worldwide and from many fields of science.

The basic thesis that the author develops throughout the trilogy is that modern materialistic science is unable to explain many problems related to human life and consciousness – that this is possible only with the help of the tradition of eternal philosophy and enlightened modern science. This is simply because humans are not mechanical physical but spiritual beings, in which the complex structure of the universe is reflected.

The work is characterized by a highly systematic approach, with the help of which the author structured the entire work so that it could undoubtedly bear an additional subtitle: “Guide for the unlearned.” “The guide” because using many tools, it guides the reader along the path of learning about the unified body of comprehensive Wisdom and the universality of the secret teachings of all cultures and religions. And the “unlearned” because this “philosophia perennis – eternal Wisdom is supported by inferences and the evidence of enlightened modern science and because this realization contradicts the prevailing consensus dictates of neuroscience that thinking is generated by the brain, with consciousness merely a disturbing byproduct.

You can read more about the book in UNFOLDING CONSCIOUSNESS – REVIEW  by Anton Rozman, on the website KAJ JE TEOZOFIJA?

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